A Shrine to Dissent

Drawing Exchange presents –


‘A Shrine to Dissent’ at ‘The Day of The Dead Festival’

AT: Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf Southbank London SE1 9PH

30th Oct – 2nd Nov 20014: 11 am – 6 pm.

Drawing Events will taking place at selected cemeteries and burial grounds in London, as well as at The Bargehouse. The drawings made at these events will accumulate to form the shrine.

Day of The Dead Festival info –


The Day Of The Dead Festival 2014 at The Bargehouse, Oxo Tower from 30th October to 2nd November. The exhibition will present recent works from a host of contemporary artists, each with associated Day of the Dead themes. The festival includes works by; Graciela Iturbide, Jordan Baseman, The Drawing Exchange, James Ostrer, The Chapman Brothers and Juan Jose Rivas & Johnnie Shand Kydd

A Shrine to Dissent

A Shrine to Dissent is a participatory and accumulative installation work, which builds through social drawing events that focus on the dead’s dissent: a gift to the living. The shrine will begin as a geodesic skeletal structure, massing into a collective shrine made from participants’ drawings and assemblages. Finally the shrine will be socially dismantled in a Drawing Exchange ceremony where participants can swap and barter their drawings.

The drawing events will focus on the value of dissent. Looking at political, social dissenters whose non-agreement to the status quo or living ‘misfit lives’ enabled greater freedoms to the living. Drawing events will include a Thames drift, visits to Highgate East, Cross Bones, Bunhill Fields and Abney Park cemeteries and social drawing back at the shrine.

Thursday 30th Oct to Sunday 2nd Nov: 11 am–6pm – Drawing at the Shrine

Throughout the festival, visitors to the Shrine to Dissent will be able to make their drawn offering.

Outing Drawing Event Times and Locations:

Join us at the following locations for social drawing events. Some equipment provided, but please bring your own too. Everyone welcome, regardless of drawing ability.
All events are free, (apart from Highgate East entrance fee).

Thursday 30th Oct -Sunday 2nd Nov: 11 am – 6pm Drawing at the shrine

Thursday 3Oth Oct: 2pm–4pm Dissenting Gothic : Abney Park, N16

Friday 31st Oct:
3–6pm Beyond the Gates : Bunhill – Crossbones

Saturday 1st Nov: 11–2pm Highgate Cemetery East

Sunday 2nd Nov:
2–5pm Shrine to Dissent – Closing Ceremony.



Thursday 3Oth Oct, 2–4pm: Dissenting Gothic
Meet 2pm at Abney Park Cemetery main gates, Stoke Newington High Street N16 OLH

Join us as we explore the reoccurring and evolving themes of dissent through Abney Park Cemetery. From the chapel’s architectural style of Dissenting Gothic through the myriad lives of the dissenting buried within this beautiful and strange nature reserve.

Friday 31st Oct, 3–6pm: Beyond the Gates

Bunhill Fields to Crossbones – Day of The Dead
Meet 3 pm, Bunhill 38 City Road, London EC1Y 1AU 3PM

Howl away the hours descending to dusk with a walking drift from one special site of the dead dissenter to another. Bunhill Fields, a former burial ground and now public park, was once known as ‘The Campo Santo of Dissenters’ and favoured by Nonconformists. It famously contains the graves of John Bunyan, William Blake and Daniel Defoe and many more radicals. We’ll walk through the city to find Crossbones a site of non-conformity and local importance where a memorial gate pays dues to the paupers and prostitutes buried within.

Saturday 1st Nov, 11–2pm: Highgate East
Highgate Cemetery East, Meet 11am at the main gates
Cost £4 Under 18’s Free Swain’s Lane, London N6 6PJ

Highgate East Cemetery is renowned as the resting place for many socialists and a refuge for the wild. Amongst the fox holes and wild plants lies Karl Marx, next to him, Claudia Jones, communist activist and journalist. Within the shadows lies Dachine Rainer, poet and anarchist and Malcolm McLaren punk pioneer. We will walk and draw as we discover the lives and labours of the buried.

Sunday 2nd Nov, 2pm 5pm 

Shrine to Dissent Closing Ceremony

A Drawing Exchange ceremony will take place where participants can exchange, barter and send drawn offerings to the other side, whilst improvisational band ‘the D Moon‘ play .