Chelsea Exchanges : Drawing Exchanges with Chelsea BA Fine Art students.


Lady Lucy will organise organise three Drawing Exchange Events on consecutive Friday mornings in February. They are open to anyone who wishes to attend regardless of drawing ability and skill. The Art will be in the drawing, but also taking part. These events will invite you to participate, perform and collaborate as a group and some of it will take place in public space. In the context of The Chelsea Fine Art BA course it should be of interest and appeal across all disciplines. A series of Drawing Exercises will be researched by Lady Lucy for each event and at the end of each session will we show the drawings together in a temporary exhibit . You will be encouraged to exchange your drawings with others if you wish to. All welcome, hope you can make it.

Drawing Me, Drawing You

Week One : Friday 8th February 10 am – 1 pm

A morning dedicated to the observational study of one another in motion, form and language. A series of drawing exercises will be set that experiment within the theme of Drawing Me, Drawing You.


Dream CV

The Dream Résumé is a Surrealist technique of game. Chronicle your achievements and employment in dreams, rather than in waking life. Using your dreams write your CV, If you can’t remember your dreams, use your imagination and make it up.

Drawing Me, Drawing You.

Sitting opposite one another drawing each other and incorporating any aspect of the conversation or thoughts which take place. pick the person you know the least about in the group.

Getting to know you in text.

Swap partners. Find somebody else you don’t really know very well. Try and find something surprising out about them, by asking them inquisitive and inventive questions.

Matisse by Gertrude Stein.

Some writers have written portraits of their subjects. I am going to read you Matisse by Gertrude Stein, and I would like you to draw an imagined portrait of the artist Matisse from the text you hear.

Quickfire Questioning

One person volunteers to be the subject. The group takes it turns to ask quickfire questions about the subject whilst drawing subject, questions and answers.

10 Words a Day

I have been collecting 10 words a day and writing them in my diary.
We are going to make a collective text piece about yesterday. Write 10 words about your day yesterday and we’ll swap them over. We’ll read them out starting with the first word on your paper going round the group in a quick succession and then straight onto the next word and repeat until we’ve read and listened to all the words.

Our Social Circles

Draw circles representing your different social circles : For example, college, family, skateboarding, religion. now let’s join these and see them all together. See how they connect. What do we have in common with each other that we didn’t know about already ?

Friday 15th February 10 am – 1 pm Source the Material

A Drawing Exchange exploring the use of printed Source Material. Some SM will be provided by Lady Lucy. It will be better if you could bring some yourselves. You’ll be encouraged to go to the library to steal some too. Expect : Copying, Tracing, Cut and Paste, Collage, photocopying.

We had a discussionss about how students use different types of source material in their work and thought about artists that use source material in their work including Kim Rugg and Kurt Schwitters. We concentrated on one drawing exercise :


Adapting a surrealist game / technique Cubomania for drawing source material.

Friday 22nd February 10 am – 1pm. Estates of Pimlico

A walk, talk and drawing tour around some local residential buildings of architectural interest.

We will walk around some residential buildings close to Chelsea College and observe dwellings built for private, public and social purposes from the 19th and 20th century. We will encounter different types of architecture and learn about what the buildings where built for, and think about the social structures in place within and around them.

We will use Pevsner London Westminster 6 Pimlico as our guide.

The flats, squares, apartments complexes we are to encounter are fairly big in scale. We are trying to encounter a lot of information. Here are some ideas for Drawing exercises as we go between them.

A small architectural detail representing each site.
Draw using the top of the building to the skyline as your guide.
Draw the trees as they appear bigger than the buildings.
Draw a series of characters that you think currently live in the buildings.
Write down any thoughts or images that come into your head whilst we think about these spaces.
Draw how the buildings make you feel ?
What improvements would you make to these buildings – Make a drawing of your improvements, leaving out the rest of the buildings.
We’ll make some others up as we go along.

We thought about these things along the route and drew a collective map on the photocopied Pimlico Pevsner pages on our return.