Digging and Drawing Day 2015 – Sunday November 15th

Join us for Digging and Drawing Day at Asylum Studios

building 118 bentwaters park, rendlesham, suffolk IP12 2TW


Asylum Burial Ground – Social Burial Event 11.30 to 1.30pm

Located in the grounds of Asylum Studios, Rendlesham, Suffolk.
All Burials are registered in the Asylum Register of Burials.

The Asylum Burial ground is for:
All animals killed by cars.
Any ‘things’ that can no longer be kept, but can’t be forgotten.
Fulfilled collections or assemblages.
Non Belongings.
Bring things to bury for a day of social burial

After Lunch (please bring lunch)

Drawing Exchange – Wondering The Base – 2pm to 4pm

Asylum Studios is located within the old RAF and USAF airbase, famous for the legendary UFO incident of 1980. We will explore and draw the landscape of military remains.

Come to both or either of these events bring things to bury and drawing equipment.