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The Portrait Service Bblackboxx Basel

Drawing Exchange at Blackboxx, Basel  21st Residency July – 1st August 2011

The Drawing Exchange Portrait Service ~ initiated by the drawing exchange in collaboration with Open Source Pants and visitors to Black Boxx

 Drawing subjects and exercises:

Inviting anyone at Blackboxx to have their portrait drawn, the drawers are anyone at Blackboxx who would like to participate and can be of any age and drawing ability. Drawing time period is from 10 to 20 minutes. The drawn can move about but not too much. At the end of the drawing we examine the drawings all together. All the drawings made are for the drawn to keep if they want them.

1_ Drawing you, drawing me ~ Sitting opposite one another drawing each other and incorporating any aspect of the conversation or thoughts which take place.

2 . power positions ~ The drawn is invited to select props and items to wear and to choose a posture which signifies a cultural archetype

3. Swap ~ During the drawing time, drawers swap each others work in progress and continue where the other left off, changing the drawing as they see fit.

4. Walking portrait service. ~ Walking around round Black Box to met people, then choosing someone to draw, we then approach them and begin drawing instantly (a portrait ambush). They are 2 to 5 minute sketches, finally we looks at works, discuss and offer to the drawn, the drawn then chooses who we should draw next.

5. Drawing strangers ~ We ask the drawn to choose someone they don’t know for us to draw, this enables us to move in and out of different social circles within Black Boxx interrupting the tendency to remain in one group.

6. Drawing exchange show ~ The works which are not given or taken by people are finally displayed on the walls of Blackboxx, people are invited to view them and also take a drawing if they like it.

Other drawing subjects ~flags, money, paradise, plants and dreams