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Leas Lift Folkestone / Vernacular Spectacular

Event Info :

August 3rd 2008 / Folkestone lees Lift

That lifts done more miles than any other train in world.

Henry Moore loved the Leas, its over a mile long. The Victorians used to promenade along it and if you weren’t wearing a certain type of clothing you would be asked to leave the leas by the police, it was very class based.

The lift is a solution to traveling to and from the beach and Leas in style and is powered by water.

France can be seen from the Leas so during the war one could see the enemy flying over head.

At the end of the leas is a medieval church called St Eenes. She was
sainted because she was thought to make water go up hill.

The lift works by water, ballast, gravity, chain and pulley system.


Introduction by Lift operator
Pulley Mechanism
Dropping Off

leas lift