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Wimbledon Drawing students at The Wallace Collection.

Invited to work with Wimbledon BA Drawing Elective Students Drawing Exchange exercises created in response to The Wallace Collection.


Drawing Exercises for The Wallace Collection. Here are some exercises I created in response to the collection but it’s up to you, you should and can draw what you like. There is so much to think about here : So much could be relevant to you :


Outline of a figure.
5 mins. Pick a figurative painting and on your page draw what you think the outline of the figure might be.

Colour chart map of the collection
20 mins
Walk through through the whole collection, and make a note of the predominate colour or colours in each room. Using colour pencils and block colour make a map of your findings.

Interior View for a illustration of a novel or a play.
Draw an interior view of the collection. Imagine it’s a scene in a novel or play. What date is it set who are the characters, what’s the story ?

From The Great Hall to The Miniature.
Draw an Oval, Take a section of a painting in The Great Hall and design a miniature.

10 Costumes
Survey the paintings and think about the costumes in them. On a piece of paper find and select 10 costumes that you find interesting. Make notes with the costumes.

Draw your friend in the painting
Draw your friend and put them in the composition of a painting.

Space in between objects.
Select a display of objects and concentrate on 2 objects. Make a drawing in which you can see the two objects, but that the space in between the objects is the most prominent view on the page.

Make a drawing which re arranges the displays in some way.