St Stephens Church – The River Remains


At one time the river ran past St Stephens church and the church was a focal point for the returning and departing ships, embarking on trade, passage and voyage. The drawing walk will reflect on this time. Looking at the past and present remains of an era where trade was ravenous and ruthless, where people were sold along with all other ‘things’ of value.

The walk will look into stories of people, plants and animals that arrived via the premise of trade, we’ll also look at the river that bore much to the banks of Bristol City.

the tour

At St Stephen Church lays the remains of two Inuit’s from the North east Baffin islands of Canada. They were captured and brought to bristol by merchant Frobisher in 1577.

In the museum Alfred’s skin remains. He was Bristols most famous Gorilla taken from the Congo in 1930.

In the university Gardens Mulberry trees grow. A Chinese tree, stolen to England in an attempt to infiltrate the Silk worm trade.

Finally to the river Avon, the wild element that bore all.

drawing exercises